Registration & Live Workshop

Create your own shoe

Talented shoe designers & those who want to be there, watch out! Here is a competition that you shouldn’t miss:

Design your very own shoe collection in one of the following categories and win its production worth 5.000 €:

  • - Women’s shoes
  • - Men’s shoes
  • - Sneakers

Are you a student of fashion, design or engineering or are you simply interested in shoe industry and 3D printing technique? Then we have good news for you! Probably the most unique and coolest competition of all time:
We offer the first production worth 5.000 € for those of you who will design the best looking shoes, with a suitable business plan, to enter the shoe market.

Conditions of participation:

The design proposals must be submitted by 01.02.2018. All models are judged by a jury of experts. With an aspired sponsorship of large houses the winners will be offered a platform for the first sale. At the fair itself, the received proposals will be presented and the winners will be launched. On the tag it! visitors can talk extensively with the exhibitors and get information about textiles, materials and possibilities.

The visit of this year's tag it! is indispensable for participating in our contest and enables you to make contacts with production sites and retailers from all over the world. In addition, you have the opportunity to visit workshops and use the help of experts from the shoe industry. The workshops will be held in German on Monday and in English on Tuesday. Let your imagination play and participate in this unique competition. A small step for you, but perhaps a first step into the world of shoe design.

You can generate your free ticket with the code CYOS